Are you a happy teacher? Get your copy of the Happy Teacher Toolkit v.1.0 for free! Click to sign up

Are you a happy teacher? Get your copy of the Happy Teacher Toolkit v.1.0 for free! Click to sign up

Happy Teachers Happy Schools – An Introduction

Founded by a teacher for teachers, Happy Teachers Happy Schools is a purpose driven company that specialises in:

  • online training programs, 1:1 and small group coaching that show you how to apply the science of happiness to your own experience and build a meaningful career
  • bespoke consultancy services designing school systems and processes which live your school values and showcase your unique character by embedding a culture that values teachers and drives success

Teaching is an amazing job.  But it’s also really tough. And teachers tend to focus on looking after everybody but themselves.  It’s sobering to think that more than 50% of teachers have thought about leaving the profession in the last two years because of health concerns.  Happy Teachers Happy Schools shows curious, evidence oriented teachers and school leaders how the science of happiness can help them to get happier at work and build happier workplaces.

Why bother with happiness? Because a critical mass of research shows that happiness and good health go hand in hand: happiness can make your heart healthier, your immune system stronger, improve your resilience and your ability to cope with stress.  When you prioritise happiness you’re investing in both your physical and your mental well-being.


Hi.  I’m Karen, a History teacher, part time Deputy Head and full time nerd.  I’ve founded Happy Teachers Happy Schools to give non-fluffy happiness advice and share tried and tested happiness resources that help teachers and school leaders thrive (not just survive until the next holiday!).

Work With Me

Want to be a happier teacher? Want to know how to create a happier school? My online or face to face training programmes, coaching packages or bespoke Happy School Project consultancy might be just what you’re looking for.


If you’re a teacher interested in increasing your happiness at work or a school leader who is curious about how to bring more happiness into your school: I’d love to hear from you!

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