Online and Face to Face Training Programs

Happy Teachers takes you on a six week journey to discover:

  • what it means to be happy and how to get the advantages happy people experience
  • the science of happiness and a range of simple, scientifically proven happiness techniques that can make a difference to your day and your mindset
  • the power of social connection and how to build good work relationships
  • how to go from work stress to happiness by looking after yourself and getting the important things done
  • the contagion effect and how your happiness can help to build a happy school


Happy Teachers online gives you access to a jam packed, inspiring and varied curriculum as well as a set of Happiness Tools to support your happiness practice.  Over the 6 weeks you experiment with GRATITUDE, OPTIMISM, KINDNESS, MEANING, MINDFULNESS and more.  By the end of the course you will know which Happiness Tools have the most impact for you and will be able to use the tools as the basis of your own, ongoing, happiness practice.

The online course is supplemented by group coaching calls to ensure you are able to dig deep to fully understand what happiness at work means for you.  The calls provide a sounding board for you to work through any barriers to happiness you face at work.  We explore not just what it means to be happier but how we can use happiness tools to be our best self.

Face to face:

If you are in the UK and interested in having all or part of Happy Teachers delivered at your school, as part of an INSET day, Twilight programme, or to support ongoing professional development, please contact me to discuss:

Happiness isn’t just a feeling, it’s a skill you can build through practice.  Let’s start practising!


Stop overthinking and start doing!  If you’re keen to get some clarity on how to be a happier teacher, I’ll show you how to:

  • Get forensic about what happiness and success at work mean for you
  • Set achievable goals that you’re not just excited to make happen, but able to make happen
  • Think differently, not just do something differently
  • Create work habits that feed your energy, not drain it
  • Find the courage to…make changes / move on / speak out…?

Change doesn’t have to be scary!  Work with me to write the next chapter of your teaching career.  It’s your career, do it your way.

To jump start your happy teacher journey with one to one or small group coaching, contact me for package details:

Consultancy Services

Sustainable cultural change needs more than just an INSET day presentation and good intentions.  Using the Happy Schools approach I’ll show you how to build a school culture where teacher well-being is a core driver of the success of your school.  I use evidence based, proven strategies that deliver measurable results. Every school is different and therefore every Happy School Project is bespoke to your needs.  

Let me show you how to utilise the science of happiness and your leadership skills to define the core values of your school and use them to develop value driven systems and processes that live your purpose, increase co-operation, build stronger teams, attract and retain great teachers, sustain success and achieve better learning outcomes for students.  

If you would like to lead a successful school staffed by happier, more engaged and more resilient teachers, contact me: and together we can design your Happy School Project Plan.

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